İZBAN underpass Problem is Solved in Selçuk

The Problem of IZBAN underpass in Selçuk is Solved: Selçuk Municipality, who listens to the demands of the citizens on the day of the people organized in Selçuk Municipality. Dahi Zeynel Bakıcı asked technical staff to start the work by sending technical staff to the region on May 14 and underground request of Cumhuriyet Mahallesi.

Mayor of 14 and the neighborhoods of Cumhuriyet and the staff of the Selcuk Municipality visited the said region and made observations on the subject. There is a railroad line between the two neighborhoods and this line is surrounded by iron railings for security reasons and closes the passage created by examining the problems with the citizens of the delegation reported that the problem will be solved as soon as possible.

During the meeting with the residents of 14 May Neighborhood, the residents asked that the health center, playgrounds and the school were in the Cumhuriyet Quarter, where the passage was made either underpass or overpass to ensure the passage was both safe and easy. Residents said that they couldn't get to the other side because of the railroad line and railings, and that the children had crossed under the railings and that the problem was solved as soon as possible.

Mayor of 14 May Neighborhood Niyazi Bakıcı said: di Our neighborhood is not a problem for today. 16 On June 2010, we forwarded our signed petitions to the State Railways and Selçuk Municipality. But there has been no change since then. Now the circumstances have changed. Mukhtars meeting, Dr. Selcuk Mayor. We forwarded our request to the genius Zeynel Babysitter. As soon as possible, he said that they will start to work on the construction of the underpass. ”

Cumhuriyet District Ahmet Çokyaman said, sıkıntı There are problems in our two neighborhoods. In order to solve these problems, an underpass must be built on this point. This request to our Seljuk Mayor and Selçuk Governor. Genius Zeynel Babysitter. They are also aware of this and follow-up. Today we came to the region with technical staff of Selçuk Municipality. We believe our neighborhood will reach the underpass. We would also like to thank the Mayor for taking this issue and hearing the voices of our neighborhoods. ”

Mayor Selcuk Mayor made a statement on the subject. Dahi Zeynel Bakıcı said that the subject was verbally conveyed to İzmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and that the infrastructure related projects within the scope of İZBAN project would be revised and the problem would be solved within the scope of the project.

Stating that they will create a temporary solution until the İZBAN project is completed and that the underpass is an easy solution, President Bakıcı said, bu This practice, which separates the two neighborhoods in the past, was made wrong in time and remained a practice preventing the passage of the two neighborhoods. Iron railings is the right application for security. The fact that there are children trying to pass under the bars shows the importance of the situation. In July, 7 made an official request to the State Railways for the necessary solution without waiting for the implementation phase of the IZBAN Project. We follow. We will begin to work on the underpass as soon as possible. Thus, the residents of 14 May and Republican Neighborhoods will have taken a deep breath. ”

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