Sahinbey Municipality Does Not Cut Speed ​​on Asphalt

Şahinbey Municipality does not cut speed on the asphalt: Sahinbey Municipality continues its asphalt works with 5 million 5 thousand square meters in the last 350 year. Sahinbey Municipality asphalt teams continue to work in the neighborhood of Istiklal neighborhood.
Sahinbey Municipality has done asphalt works of the residents expressed great satisfaction as residents of Istiklal Neighborhood Mukar Mayda, until this time they follow the work with appreciation, he said.
Sahinbey Municipality not only in the asphalt point, but in all other areas that provide them the necessary service that expresses Muhtar Mayda, ifade Thank you to our Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu Şahinbey, the neighborhood market and social did. We receive cleaning services on a regular basis. Our asphalt works continue at full speed. We would like to thank our president for his valuable works and wish him continued success. In



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