Russia's Crazy Tram Russia One

The Crazy Tram from the Russians Russia One: The Russians produced a crazy trolley with an internal technology marvel from the Batmobile. Here is that tram İşte

UralVagonZavod (UVZ) has designed a futuristic tram named Russia One. Externally, it is like a Batmobile from Batman's technological tool, a DC Comics character. The forward inclined windshields allow the conductor to notice pedestrians, while the glass alloy panels can easily be moved.

The interior of the tram is equipped with the latest technology. With dynamic LED lighting and music, the mode of the environment is adjusted according to the time of day. Other amenities you can find in this state-of-the-art tram; Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Satellite Positioning System (GLONASS), air conditioning, anti-bacterial handrails and WiFi. There is also a rechargeable USB 3.0 jack on the seats.

The production of the tram is seen as the 2015 year. The UVZ establishment says the tram will be used in major Russian cities. Exports to Eastern Europe or South America is not in question for now.


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