Railways connect to OIZ

Railways are connected to OIZ: According to the plan to be implemented until the end of next year, SMEs will be encouraged to open up to the public and access to finance will be facilitated.

The economy management prepared a new action plan for the real sector within the scope of improving the investment environment. The focus is on facilitating access to finance as well as encouraging SMEs to go public.

While the connection of railways to OIZs is planned, the permit processes for foreign employment will also be revised. While the issue of re-evaluating occupational accident and occupational disease premium rates for domestic investors is being discussed, long-term investment maps will be prepared for each province or region within the scope of meeting the investment site needs with Spatial Strategy Plans (MSP).

Coordination Council for the Improvement of the Investment Environment (YOIKK) Technical Committee It is envisaged that the arrangements prepared under the 2014-2015 Action Plans will be implemented by the end of next year.

Easy access to bank credit
In order to grow Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), it is planned to increase the awareness and use of the private sector bond option by businesses, as well as to be encouraged to go public and to be traded on the stock exchange. Ensuring that target SMEs can obtain resources directly from capital markets.

The enactment process of the Istanbul Arbitration Center Draft Law and the Draft Law on Protection of Personal Data will be followed. It is aimed to facilitate the use of movables in secured transactions and to provide SMEs with easier access to bank loans by accepting commercial receivable insurance policies as collateral by banks.

In order to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurial companies, it is planned to create an internet-based private market that will bring entrepreneurs and investors together. It is aimed to facilitate SMEs to find funds and partners without going public through the capital market. The work carried out under the coordination of Borsa Istanbul is aimed to be completed by the end of the year.

Railways connect to OIZ
Within the scope of the action plan, it is envisaged to minimize the financial problems experienced in this area by implementing incentive mechanisms to support mining companies in line with a road map to be determined with the Ministry of Finance until June 2015. It is planned to develop the road and rail connections of ports over a certain size and to be integrated into existing main road and rail lines.

Investment maps are coming
Long-term investment maps will be prepared for each province or region within the scope of meeting the investment site needs with Spatial Strategy Plans. Turkey's for each province or region, long-term (2023, 2035, 2050), industrial production and export targets and strategies that will meet investment positions (heavy industry, industry and small industrial zones, tourism areas, Industrial Zones, free zones, industrial It is planned to prepare investment maps to determine the regions).

OIZs that fail to operate will be canceled and deleted from the registration with a decision to be made.
- The definition of the site chief will be made in the Zoning Law and the technical personnel will be the site chief.
-Turkey Trade Centers will be held soon in the relevant legislation to be implemented.
-The effectiveness of the return value tax refund process will be further increased.
- Some provisions of the Stamp Tax Law will be reviewed.
-Indicable Corporate Tax application will be clarified.
- Fee exemption will be granted for the guarantees given by the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) to non-bank institutions.
- Efforts will continue for the transition to the "Single Window System" in customs services.
- A management model research will be conducted in order to eliminate the communication disruption and operation disruptions between the university and the industry.
Arrangements will be made for the spouses and children of the pundits to get work permits such as foreigners without 5 year waiting period.
- In cases where the employment of employers is compulsory, the penal conditions will be mitigated if employers cannot find disability to be employed.
- Arrangements will be made for daily employees to work on the day they are registered with SGK.



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