Railway Tension Between China and India

india railway route map
india railway route map

Railway tension between China and India: The reaction of China's Uyghur Area and the railway project planned by Pakistan to Kashmir caused a reaction from India.

China has developed a new project that will connect Pakistan and East Turkistan by rail. The railway, which will start in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, will also pass through Karachi, the port city of Pakistan, and its capital, Islamabad, and end in the city of Kashgar in East Turkistan.

India opposes the railway project planned as 1800 kilometers. India, which has been occupying Kashmir for years, is reacting to China starting the project from here.

Chinese companies have the right to operate the Gadar Port, the starting point of the railway. The railway line that will also pass through Karachi, Kashmir and Islamabad will end in the city of Kasgar in East Turkestan.

A statement from the Chinese authorities stated that a significant amount of funds has been transferred to develop the project. In case the project matures, it is wondered how India will behave.

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