High speed train to Bursa is slow

High speed train is coming to Bursa slowly: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan starts the High Speed ​​Train services between Ankara and Istanbul.
High Speed ​​Train cities are counted; Ankara, Eskisehir, Istanbul, Konya was saying. Sakarya and Kocaeli are among the cities.
Among the new cities reached by the High Speed ​​Train, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, the global industry and the national economy do not have Bursa.
In Bursa, it should have been a priority.
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While the construction of the line from Ankara to Eskişehir started, the construction of the line from Bursa to Eskişehir was not carried out simultaneously.
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It is a policy that will bring Istanbul to Anatolia and bring Anatolia to Istanbul. The importance and priority of Bursa is not clearly seen.
Even when the project was being carried out for İzmir, even for the route and stops of the project to be applied to Bursa, even the environment of consultation and the right to speak turned into a problem.
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In his speech, Erdoğan said, Bursa We are also connecting Bursa, another ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire, to this line. There are works going on rapidly. Orada
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There's a grant issue.
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We are hearing that the project will be interchanged because of the landslides around the lines of the neighboring city and the uneasiness caused. Another negative factor is interpreted.
Bursa deserves many important, big and beautiful projects, but when it is wanted to be done, its struggle is not missing.

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