Problems in Ankaray and Metro Stations Carried to Parliament

Problems in Ankaray and Metro stations were moved to the Parliament: Everything started about a month and a half ago with's problems in Ankaray and Metro stations by making news and creating a photo gallery. Later, many sites copied this news. National news sites made new news by taking new images.

Public opinion was created in Ankara in this way; At the end of the rundown and unkempt condition Ankaray and Metro Stations moved to Turkey Grand National Assembly.

CHP Ankara Member of Parliament Levent Gök made a proposal for a question at the subway stations in Ankara with the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs Efkan Ala to answer the shortcomings and omissions in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Gök, in the question of the question, "dissatisfaction with the citizens using the old and new metro lines serving in Ankara, the size of the complaints reached the media organs are reflected in the press," he said.

Sky asked the following questions:

Istasyon Why isn't a solution to the escalators, elevators and normal stairs of MTA, College, Dikimevi stations? When will the stations be saved from the construction material depot view? When will the scary appearance of the electrical wiring in the stations be removed? 4 - When will the ceiling coverings appear to be falling at some stations and that start to frighten passengers? When the airlessness problem in the stations, especially the Red Crescent, will be removed. K


In the meantime, it has been observed that the authorities of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality recently collected “garbage” and “idle” materials at the stations, renewed some broken tiles and started to clean the stations with cleaning. These arrangements are expected to continue with the renovation of the ceilings and the escalating of escalators and elevators.

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