Pre-festive wage rebellion

Wage rebellion at the bus stations before the feast: Despite the contrary decisions of the Court and the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), there are still charges for the 0-25 minutes at the bus stations. 7 in Ankara, Istanbul, the 8 pounds pay cuts lead to consumers' response. According to the Association of Consumers, the said fees are in the scope of unfair gains.
Specifically, in the bus stations where thousands of vehicles entered the day before the day of the feast, vehicle owners reacting to the charge for the 0-25 minute periods, asking for the payment of the money received from them.
Vehicle owners, according to the regulations of the Highways Transport and private cars entering the terminals of the 25 minutes not to exceed the entry and exit from vehicles pointed out that no charge. In the article contained in the regulation, people who do not exceed the period of time should not pay money, but citizens are charged in any way.
The owner of the car, Fatih Ertas, Istanbul Esenler bus terminal for the exit 25 min system to remove the charge and against the re-charge of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality can not supervise it is wrong, he said.
The owner of the car called Deniz Kaya "I have been moved from Istanbul to another city as a person who was stunned my way to pay the exit when I'm complaining because I'm complaining," said the owner of the car, "I came with my car in the bus station, 10 minutes took 8 TL I took my salary," he said.
The owner of the car named Mehmet Burutekin gard Esenler bus station leaving my relatives and the entrance to the Ukome decision 25 minutes until the free warning letter hanging 15 minute, even though the warden 8 TL fee they received! Even though I say that this is unlawful and that the municipality's writing is at the door, we are not interested in the decision of the public sector. Bun Burutekin, "This money received from the Eurasia Tourism company from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality can not get my money," he said.
A car owner in Ankara is interested in this problem in the city bin 20 June 2014 I have entered the bus station XTY 00: 10 on Friday (entry time to the car park) 00: 22 25 2'de traffic jams even though I turn to exit 3 minutes 2-6 minutes passed during the time I said I did not accept my objection was very cramped 7 would have accepted the minutes though I said it really passed the full XNUMX minutes, but in this time I've seen the status of the traffic you say you've seen XNUMX pounds I had to pay UM shared knowledge.
Consumers Association (TÜDER) Chairman Aydın Ağaoğlu, evaluating 8 pounds as an unfair gain in the entrance and exit of the bus terminal, said that the regulation was abused: N The bus terminal authorities have found that there is free parking inside the terminal in accordance with the regulation Tük. In accordance with the specified parking lot, the terminal is not within the terminal of the bus station 4 floor, says Ağaoğlu, "Citizens can reach the 82 steps, some buses are located about 1 kilometers away," he said.
. It is not a place for elderly and disabled passengers with suitcases in hand. An example of this insufficient car park is to exploit the regulations. Asında 10 £ 1 thousand per day of the vehicle at the exit of the vehicle at the exit of the vehicle, 8 pounds charged to every vehicle 80 thousand and 100 thousand liras is an indication of the unjustified gain of thousand pounds. Bin said.
Haluk Tan, General Manager of Eurasian Terminal Operations, said in a statement to about the issue that people tried to reduce 2-3 minutes from the bus station and to reduce the traffic load in the area by taking charge. they were.


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