Superstructure Mobilization Launched in Pasin

Superstructure Mobilization was launched in Pasinler: The roads that started three months ago in Pasinler started in the Kasımpaşa neighborhood and the deteriorated roads due to the infrastructure works to be carried out in the whole district began to be rebuilt.
Starting from Kasımpaşa Neighborhood, Pasinler Municipality Mayor Ünsal Sertoğlu participated in the asphalt works of Pasinler Municipality.
Mayor Ünsal Sertoğlu, who has participated in the superstructure works, has started our superstructure works with the asphalt in our neighborhoods which are asphalted in the district and with the keystone in our neighborhoods with keystone. Serious sewage works are carried out in the district. The cost of the project, which will meet the 50 annual sewer needs of the district at least, is 20 million.
Pasinler Mayor Unsal Sertoglu, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and the Erzurum Regional Directorate of asphalt from the district of Kasimpasa neighborhood starting from the municipality of the promenade and hot springs use the road, to ensure that people will continue to work more quickly to ensure that the work will continue quickly.
Sertoglu said that he thanked Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of Highways Erzurum Regional Directorate for their support in asphalt works.



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