Dereyolu Heavy Attachment

📩 24/12/2018 16:36

Dereyolu Ağır Aksak: It was stated that 1880 million liras were needed for the construction of the road, which was called as 'Dereyolu' among the people and which had Ordu-Sivas connection, which was brought to the agenda for the first time in the Ottoman Empire in 105, but could not be realized due to wars and money. Mustafa Reis, Deputy Regional Director of Highways Samsun, said that the works are continuing on the route, which is the Ordu province stage of the Black Sea-Mediterranean road and is called 'Dereyolu' among the people, with a total length of 88 km.
He noted that the 13-kilometer divided road between Ordu and Uzunisa is still in service, and that it continues intermittently on the route starting from Uzunisa to Topçam. Noting that there are 12 tunnels with a length of approximately 22 km on this route, Reis stated that the road between Topçam and Mesudiye was finally tendered and that the works continue. Mustafa Reis said, 'The Ordu exit of the road, which has a total length of 88 kilometers, was completed as a 13-kilometer divided road and 29 kilometers as a single road. Other sections are in 1A-2A standards. The total cost of the railway is estimated to be 443 million Turkish lira. There are 22 tunnels within the project. The project amount in 2013 is 163 million lira. 2014 million lira is needed in 105, 'he said.

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