4 discount fuel to the transporter

Transporters 4 percent discount fuel: German DKV Card Turkey entered the market, the 4 percent in fuel transporters, while the use of highways and ferries provide 30 percent discount.
DKV Card, one of the largest organizations in the world in the field of petroleum financing, is making serious reductions in fuel to Turkish transporters. The group based in Germany established in Turkey and 7 country depends on where DKV Euro Service's General Manager Muzaffer according to information provided by the Danube in Europe 44 thousand gas stations that deal with specifying shipper to fuel percent 4, highway, while the use of such ferry percent 30 said they have provided discounts up to. Sun We are doing the logistics of logistics, d said Tuna. According to the information given by Tuna, the car drivers can buy both fuel and spare parts with DKV Card and also pay the toll. The card can also be used for cash needs in case of emergency. . This card is used in first-class filling stations throughout Europe. No need to pay in advance. Only one card is paid in all countries. You can get tax returns all over Europe. capital cash flow of the carrier has the issue in Turkey. With this card, a figure like the 34 of the travel costs is left in the pocket. Considering the fact that the profit margin is on the 7 level in international road transport, this is a very significant rate. Uluslararası
Turkey a priority country for us
Opet in Turkey also agreed that the Danube shipping company and the total 340 16 thousand Turkish customers stating that "we can make additional discounts on some of the station. 4-4.5 cost advantage can sometimes be achieved with the change of route. We have taken advantage of this way by changing the route of the 350 vehicle to Europe, according to the advantage of the fuel stations. Avrupa Tuna German police also said that the GTA's customers, "Turkey and Russia was no longer the first priority investment country for VAT," he said. Tuna said that EMRA should make arrangements for their business model and said EP EMRA's legislation is not open T.


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