Nacala Corridor Infrastructure Development Summit will be held

Nacala Corridor Infrastructure Development Summit will be held: After the great success of 2013, IQPC's Nacala Corridor Infrastructure Development Summit will be held

16 - 17 September, 2014 Pemba Beach Hotel, Pemba, Mozambique

If you are involved in or interested in this regional infrastructure development project, then you should definitely join this summit. This activity is the only activity available in the Mozambique and therefore important for all business in the region.

Nacala Road Corridor Project (NRCP) (Nacala Corridor Project) aims to support economic growth in the SADC region and to strengthen exports from Nacala Port. There is a need for strong cooperation between Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia and private companies in the region to achieve this.
The summit that will be held after the success of the first event in 2013, will discuss the key projects in progress in more detail.

It will also present an update to the Moatize Railway construction project in Nacala Limat.

Some of the speakers will be:
Cidalia Chauque
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Aderito Guilamba
Project Manager
to the

Tungwe Simbuwa
Assistant Manager (infrastructure and technical services)
Ministry of Business and Supply

Day 1

9: 10 AM: Overview of Nacala's plans to develop a road network
9: 50 AM: 2 in Zambia highway project. Stage overview
11: 00 AM: Modernization works in the Nacala Corridor, which will transport 2016 million tons of coal by 20
11: 40 AM: Modernization of existing railways from Malawi to Nacala
1: 20 PM: Project update on a new Port Construction in Pemba to increase future demand for exports in the mining industry
2: 00 PM Panel discussions: Discussion on best practices to improve the efficiency of Nacala Port
3: 10 PM: Modernization works and important developments that will bring Nacala Port to a level in World Class Class as an entrance gate and passage to Nacala Corridor
3: 40 PM Status Assessment: Efforts to Ensure Efficiency in Business Successfully from Durban Port

Day 2

9: 10 AM: View of progress in Malawi in Nacala Highway Corridor Development Project
9: 50 AM Situation Assessment: Jica's Development Strategies for Nacala Port
11: 00 AM: Understand the developments in the Nambala 114,781 km Zambia Highway Project from Nyimba to Sinda.
11: 40 AM: Update on 95,5 km long road construction in Sinda to Mtenguleni
1: 20 PM: Developments in road construction of 50,39 km from Mtenguleni to Mwani border
2: 00 PM Understanding the necessity and development of the Nacala Highway Corridor Project in Mozambique.
3: An update on 10 PM Railroad Development Project Section 2
3: 40 PM Vale Railway Project Part of the obstacles in implementation of 2
5: 00 Problems faced by Mozambique in the financing of PM Nacala infrastructure

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