Mediterranean Coast Road is a divided road

The Mediterranean Coastal Road becomes a divided road: 2016 tunnels will be built on the road that will be completed in 23. He stated that they are making great efforts to complete the 487-kilometer road from Mersin to Antalya as soon as possible. The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan stated that the 487-kilometer Mediterranean Coastal Road will be turned into a divided road and said, "We are ending the road ordeal of our Mediterranean Sea. We connect the two sides of the Mediterranean with a divided road."
Minister Elvan told his correspondent that the works are continuing rapidly to bring the 487-kilometer Mediterranean Coastal Road connecting Mersin-Erdemli-Silifke-Anamur-Gazipaşa-Alanya and Antalya to a high standard.
Stating that the 41-kilometer section between Mersin and Erdemli was completed as a hot paved divided road, Elvan said, “We transformed the 446-kilometer Erdemli-Silifke-Anamur-Gazipaşa-Alanya-Antalya Road into a divided road. "We covered 363,5 kilometers of this method with hot asphalt," he said.
23 tunnel is being made Minister Elvan, Erdemli-Silifke-Anamur road in the 64,5 kilometer section of the divided road and hot asphalt works are continuing, indicating the 20 kilometer Aydıncık-Gözce road and 22 kilometers Tenzile-Kaledran road preparations for the road reported that continued.
Explaining that they designed 23 tunnels to increase the standard of the route, Elvan said, “We opened the Boğsak Tunnel on this route on March 18, 2014. On the Gazipaşa-Alanya-Antalya road, we will start the construction work with the completion of the project and expropriation works of the 18-kilometer tunnel section, ”he said.
Completed in -2016-
Minister Elvan stated that they aim to complete the Mediterranean Coastal Road in 2016 and said: “Our pride is ending the road ordeal of our Mediterranean. In order to establish a safe and high standard road network, we pierce the mountains and connect the two sides of the Mediterranean with a divided road. With the completion of this method, the passenger time, which was 7 hours before, will decrease to 5 - 5,5 hours. Traffic safety and passenger comfort will also increase. With the opening of this coastal road, it will be easier for the vegetables produced in the greenhouses between Anamur and Aydıncık-Bozyazı and the unique banana, strawberry, lemon, citrus of Mersin to reach domestic markets and foreign markets through Mersin Port. Thanks to this road again, access to Gazipaşa Airport will be easier. The tourism potential of the region will still increase. "



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