Marmara Bridge is being dumped

The Marmara bridge is pouring: Citizens, the bridge wants to be taken care and repair as soon as possible.Nefkoşa'nın Marmara Region Şht. Mehmet Ali Street, the size of the bridge fist spilled parts, the security of the bridge has put into question.
Citizens living and using the road in the region, also known as the Marmara bridge, the bridge is far from serving according to today's conditions, the bridge wanted to be done maintenance and repair as soon as possible.
A citizen emphasized that the renovation of the iron railings on the sides of the bridge does not strengthen the bridge, he said:
“The bridge is very busy at the beginning and end of working hours. Because it is the only strip, traffic jams for hours because of long queues. As if all this wasn't enough, the bridge collapses day by day. Fist-sized pieces fall off the bridge every day. No sign of the truck is allowed, but no one fits. This bridge should be replaced by another two-lane bridge. If the road is destroyed, there is a great disaster fac.
Bridge to be renewed
An official from Nicosia Turkish Municipality stated that there is a study about the renovation of the Marmara bridge and the project will start within a few months after the financing is provided.
They are aware of the problems experienced on the bridge and the work continues to express the same official, after the project in the region of traffic shortages will be eliminated, he said.




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