Denizli ropeway project starting station completed

Denizli cable car project starting station has been completed: It will be the center of plateau tourism with the complex project of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which hosts all types of tourism except coastal tourism in different parts of the city.

Denizli, which attracts approximately 2 million tourists a year, develops different projects to increase alternative tourism resources, while 'Teleferik and Olive Plateau Tourism Kazan'It's being done' projects are carried out together. It was stated that while the starting station was being completed in the cable car project, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality started to build recently, the facility was made ready for roof assembly. It was stated that within the scope of the ropeway construction, which will start in Bağbaşı and end in Zeytin Plateau, the construction of the starting station has been completed, and the roof and assembly has been made ready to begin.

The "Zeytin Plateau Tourism Investment", which was prepared by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and supported by the South Aegean Development Agency (GEKA) within the scope of 2013 Project Call for Proposals, Tourism Infrastructure Financial Support Program KazanOn the other hand, in the project of 'It is being done' project, the officials of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Studies and Projects, the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, DESKİ, and the representatives of GEKA and the company that won the tender, made an inspection tour in the field.

'Zeytin Plateau Tourism KazanWhile it was noted that the Project will reveal the alternative tourism potential of the city, it was stated that the region is extremely suitable as a natural promenade and picnic area. Within the scope of the project, in accordance with the natural structure of the region; It was stated that the construction of single and family type tents, 30 bungalows, 10 local product exhibition-sales places, 3 kiosks, 2 country restaurants, 1 country coffee, male-female and disabled toilets and an administration building will be carried out. When the project is completed, it is stated that Zeytin Plateau will be the first plateau in Denizli that has the opportunity of highland tourism and accommodation.

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that they attach special importance to alternative tourism resources in Denizli, which is extremely rich in terms of tourism, and said, “Although Denizli seems to be an industrial and agricultural city, it will be a leader in tourism in the future with its rich resources. In addition to our values ​​that have a history of thousands of years such as Pamukkale and Laodicea, which are unique in the world, we are also trying to make our city get more share from this sector by evaluating alternative tourism resources such as winter tourism and plateau tourism. For this, we are ready to mobilize all means of the metropolitan city ”.

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