Mara Road Ready for Feast

Mara Road Festival Ready: Karaman Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams in various neighborhoods and streets of the city, asphalt paving, maintenance and repair work continues.
Asphalt paving work was started on the road to Mara, which had previously worked on infrastructure.
President Çalışkan: "All Investments are for a More Modern Karaman"
Karaman Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan, who gave data (information) about the works, revealed that road and pavement works are carried out in the neighborhoods whose infrastructure has been completed within a certain program: “All our investments are for a more modern Karaman. Tons of paved asphalt, kilometers of new pavements are an important investment for Karaman both today and tomorrow. Our province is one of the rapidly developing settlements in the region. As the municipality, we are carrying out our work one by one to make this rapid development in the most accurate and sustainable way.
In Yeni Mahalle, we recently renewed all the old drinking water lines and sewerage infrastructure. In addition to the paving activities in the section now, the asphalt paving was started on the Mara road during the day. "We want to complete the Mara road, which will have a more modern look than before, until the Ramadan Feast."



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