Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Signed Protocol for 30 Rail System

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Signed Protocol for 30 Vehicle Rail System: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality to buy 30 rail vehicle Bozankaya Automotive Machinery Manufacturing Import and Export Co. signed protocol with.
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality meeting hall signed at the protocol ceremony in Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki said, “today we are here for the signing ceremony of the new rail system vehicle 30. The cost of our 30 vehicle is around 42 million euros. As is known, the story of the rail system in Kayseri almost 30 years. Before me, many mayors tried hard to bring the rail system to our friend Kayseri. It's a right effort. Because you cannot provide the transportation of people in the growing cities by means of private vehicles, taxis and roads. The whole world saw it early and passed into rail systems geçmiş.

Özhaseki continued his words, tram We have trams used above the ground in cities with an average population of about 1 million. When the passenger is overloaded in the direction, if the population exceeds 5 million, then there are some things like moving under the ground, making subways and carrying thousands of people there. Especially in our cities such as 1 million, 2 million in cities around the system we do is valid. The world has accepted it. It continues as the most accurate system. Thank God we have tried, and God Almighty worshiped us. The rail system came to Kayseri a few years ago. In the first place we started with a line of 17 kilometers. Then there was another line close to the 17 mileage. We're reaching the latest Talas. We finished the Ildem line as you know. The Talas line is almost over. In the 3 month, we start running the Talas line. This means that the length of our line is extended. The number of vehicles was 22 in the first place. We later bought 16 vehicles and the number of vehicles was 38 Sonr.

Belirten I can proudly say here, Öz said Özhaseki. In the past, while foreigners and many foreigners to work while doing strangers seemed to work now became a business. We are currently working on the rail system route on the Talas line. Our Turkish engineers are working. We're doing very fast. Again, we have a subject to be thankful for; In the past, only Italians, Canadians, French faces in the face of the Turks appeared to be very ambitious. It is pleasing for us that a Turk wins our tender. If the conditions become more mature in the future, maybe they will be able to start production in Kayseri. We interviewed them about this. I wish this agreement will be beneficial already. Ben


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