The historic bridge known as Lolo Bridge is about to be demolished

The historical bridge known as the Lolo bridge is about to be demolished: Saying that the historical bridge known as the Lolo Bridge in Bitlis is in danger of collapse, the neighborhood headman reacted to the indifference of the authorities.
The historic bridge known as the yapıl Lolo Bridge ç in Bitlis is facing the danger of collapse. Gazibey neighborhood muhtar, Yasin Kırboğa, pointed out the fact that the water network is being constructed by the municipal teams.
Kırboğa stated that they had explained the situation repeatedly to the Directorate of Culture and said, bağ The historical bridge, known as the tik Lolo Bridge “between the people and the people connecting the neighborhood to the center, is in danger of collapse. Previously conducted by the municipal teams due to water breakdown. Excavations were made in the columns of the bridge and in the upper part of the bridge. Studies have been left as is. Then we intervened while working. But this intervention did not benefit. Fakat
Kırboğa said that he had applied to the municipality about the condition of the bridge. Many times I applied to the Provincial Directorate of Culture. 'We are not today, we come tomorrow,' they are insensitive to the subject. We want to see all the historical sites and bridges that have been left to be destroyed. Burada

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