Kösemusul: Karasu railway line to be completed in a short time

Kösemusul: Karasu railway line will be completed in a short time. Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) Chairman Mahmut Kösemusul stated that Karasu Port and railway line will be completed in a short time; "Our Prime Minister gave the good news that Karasu Port will be completed within 1 year and the 62 km railway will be completed within 2 years," he said.

Speaking at the Ordinary Assembly Meeting in July, Kösemusul said that they have expressed at every opportunity that they attach great importance to the Karasu Port and the railway line for the future of Sakarya. Reminding that he had previously discussed the issue, which they consider as vital, with Prime Minister and former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Prime Minister's Advisor Binali Yıldırım in his abroad program, Kösemusul said: “The speed of work from them kazanI had received the information. Our Prime Minister gave the good news in Sakarya that the Karasu Port will be completed in 1 year and the 62 km railway will be completed in 2 years. Our Sakarya, which is developing in every field, is now opening up to the world with Karasu Port. This is very, very important news that will guide the future of our city. Hopefully, the Railway Line and Karasu Port will be completed in a short time. Our production, employment and exports will increase on the way to the brand city. Our Sakarya will continue its development in every field. We accelerate this development with diligent and determined steps. kazanWe will continue to climb.”

Ahmet Çubuk, a member of the 28th Vocational Commissioner of SATSO, stated that one leg of the railway project also passed under the SATSO; “This project is located on the border of the enlarged area of ​​the 1st OIZ and the town of Hanli, and there is a station here. This station was built for the purpose of carrying passengers only in the previous plan. We talked to the friends who made this project. By stating that Sakarya and its surroundings are also an industrial zone, we have informed that the loading should be done here. There is a change in this project right now. Loading ramps will be built at the station next to the border of Hanli and cargo transportation to the port will be made from here. The area, including SATSO, will be a good attraction. ” said.

The construction of Adapazarı Karasu Port Ereğli Bartın Connection Line Railway Project, which has been tendered for 2010 million TL in November 320, which will connect the Western Black Sea to the Marmara and Central Anatolia regions, and is aimed to be completed in 7 years, has not been operating for about 2 years. The 50-kilometer Adapazarı-Karasu Railway Line in Sakarya, which has been claimed to be well-grounded, has not been completed yet. While the Adapazarı –Karasu Port line had to be completed in October last year, only 35 percent of the railway connection to the town of Söğütlü was made with the tender price. The bridge legs, whose foundations were laid, were left to rot in the swamp. It was suggested that the Court of Accounts started an investigation about the money spent by the company that received the tender.

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