Konya's Ski Center Project Will Be Accelerated

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

Konya's Ski Center Project Will Be Accelerated: Tahir Akyürek, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, said that they will speed up the Derbent Aladağ Ski Center Project in order to be the Winter Sports Center of Konya.

Mayor Tahir Akyürek, General Manager of KOSKİ İsmail Selim Uzbaş, met with the chief of officers in the Metropolitan Municipality visited the town of Derbent in Konya. AK Party Konya Provincial Vice President Akif Göksu'nun accompanied by the Derbent Municipality Assembly Meeting Hall in the district who came together with the headmen and councilors Akyürek, the Metropolitan Municipality in the head of the department chiefs and colleagues with muhtars and councilors introduced.

During the meeting, while a general evaluation of the projects and services that have been carried out to Derbent district and its neighborhoods and planned to be done after that, Konya Winter Sports Center Project, which was carried out for the establishment of Aladag, was also discussed. Emphasizing that they promised to build a ski facility to Derbent Aladağ, Akyürek stated that they will speed up the project even more after the presidential election and said, "After the feast, I will take the file in person, we want to make a first facility there."

Skiing Federation Konya Provincial Representative Zarif Yıldırım and Mayor Akyürek, who received information about the studies and the final point reached from the department managers working on the project in Konya Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We need to prepare the construction project and bid. If the Federation looks positive, it will be a positive advantage for us. We use it primarily for educational purposes. Our children and schools start to benefit in the first place in the Konya region. ”


Akyürek emphasized the importance of providing transportation to the ski center in a short time, noting that the ski center planned to be established in Aladağ will not only benefit the Derbent district, but also the center of Konya should be raised in a way to appeal to the center. Underlining that Aladağ is at a distance that can form a bond with Konya, Akyürek said that they will organize the Altınapa Dam near it as a recreation area and turn it into a promenade valley. we will not use it for drinking water. There will be only Meram irrigation, water flow will be provided from Meram stream. "The main sea of ​​Konya is Beyşehir Lake by making walking paths and nice restaurants like Gölbaşı around it, but this place will be turned into one of the seas of Konya."

Akyürek said that Aladağ Winter Sports Center has started to be popular and that an acceleration roadmap should be drawn up for the project after the Presidential elections, and that they will organize a meeting in Konya for this purpose. Akyürek to Konya kazanEmphasizing that they set out with Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar a few years ago regarding the ski center project, which is planned to be built, he said, “The event came into play when we were talking among ourselves, 'Is there a place in Konya within close proximity where you can ski?' So, we were not far from this project.

The Provincial Representative of the Ski Federation Konya, Yıldırım, stated that there are many people who are interested in skiing in Konya, that they frequently benefit from ski centers such as Kayseri, Uludağ and Davraz, and that they also take ski sports by taking children from Konya to these facilities. Yıldırım noted that Selçuk University officials told him that if a ski center was established in Konya, they could open an application hotel, and that ski lovers living in Konya now expect this project to be implemented as soon as possible.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar thanked Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who supported the Ski Center Project at the end of the meeting, and presented him with a porcelain plate reflecting Derbent district. Akyürek and his accompanying Derbent visit ended after the collective photo was taken in front of the Municipality service building.

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