The force to the base at the Red Crescent-Koru metro line

The force to the base on the Kızılay-Koru metro line: Corrupt elevators on the Kızılay-Koru subway line, which came into service four months ago, and non-working overpasses react. Passengers walk out on the escalators, not walking.

Following the Ankaray and Kızılay-Batıkent subway lines, this time, he photographed the problems of 11 metro station between Kızılay and Koru, which started service in March.
Kızılay-Koru line of service after many years, indicating that they are satisfied with the Baskentliler, non-working elevator and escalators, the ongoing renovation work, lighting problems and water stations in some stations drew attention to.


One of the busiest used stations of the line, the lift and escalator does not work in Çayyolu, especially the disabled and the elderly citizens in a difficult situation. Citizens, who saw that the front of the escalator was closed with plastic chains, reacted to the authorities, saying, kullan Why should it be closed? “ The ongoing renovations at the Çayyolu station also give the passengers a hard time from time to time.


At the MTA stop of the line, non-working lighting lamps and water leaking from the roof draw the passengers' reaction. In the area where pedestrian traffic is intense, the metro station is also used as an underpass. At the station where it is not possible to walk with the weather, citizens are in great danger. On the same station, buckets in front of the turnstiles surprise the passengers.


At the National Library stop, the occasional disruption of the 83 stepped escalators gives citizens a hard time.
Due to the absence of a step ladder at the exit of the Ministry of Energy and the fact that the entrances are only provided by escalators, citizens have to go up the steep stairs which are steeper than the normal ladder. The exit staircase is working occasionally, but the descent staircase has not been working for a long time citizens, "We can not understand the situation, these steep steps are not going to come out or descend," he said.


Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, answered the question of a reporter about the Kızılay-Koru line during the iftar dinner, where he met with the press members the previous day. Elvan said that the water leaked from the roof of some stations and a bucket to be put in place as a precaution. “As the Ministry, we completed the subway and handed it over to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. The subject is the Metropolitan Municipality att.

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