Asphalt work in Kartepe villages

Asphalt work in Kartepe villages: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues road maintenance works throughout the city. Within the scope of the works, the village roads with bad ground are overhauled and made suitable for transportation. The teams of the Department of Science Affairs, which carried out road renewal work in Kartepe, applied asphalt on the road between Kurtdere and Tevfikiye neighborhoods. Within the scope of the study, the Kurtdere Tefikiye road, which is used as an alternative route for transportation to Kartepe Avluburun - Karaabdülbaki - Akmeşe and Adapazarı, was asphalted. The road section of 500 meters was covered with hot asphalt. 3 thousand 250 tons of asphalt was used in the study.


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