Karsta Arrival Made Beautiful Road Work Drivers

The Road Works Made Beautifully Arrived in Kardas Harassed Drivers: Highways in Kars 18. Regional Directorate of Kars-Arpaçay-Çıldır highway construction began to expand the road and the asphalt work of the arrival of the work outraged the drivers.
Highways 18. Regional Directorate of Kars, Çıldır road widening and asphalt work between the irregular, beautiful and smooth arrival of the route is causing the reaction of drivers using the route.
Kars, Çıldır road between the construction work is not done properly and in accordance with the proposed drivers, Kars Governor Gunay Ozdemir Kars-Arpaçay-Çıldır invited to see the work done. Turkey is not remotely interested in Kars road work done with the road works carried out in all the cities claiming the drivers; Yol Road works are being done in all cities. First the roads are dug. Then filling is done. Asphalt being thrown after you. Finally, the road is opened to traffic by discarding the wear-resistant layer. However, this is not the case in Kars. Neither the filling is done properly, nor the discarded asphalt, the filling is done on one side. It's left that way. Some have been excavated, and another has been straightened. So the study is not in accordance with the legislation. Roads do not pass through the pit. Stones were thrown off the road from the filling works, some roads were asphalt exploded, swollen. Our soul uses the path entrusted to Allah. No scattered work in any city. We're calling the Regional Director of Highways. There is no road work in this way. Tepki
Kars-Arpaçay-Çıldır road construction work that can not be completed in a kind of drivers that draw attention to; Yol Road works completed in a construction season in other cities continue for years in Kars. The road works between Kars-Selim-Sarıkamış have not been completed. Mountains are drilled in the Black Sea. Tunnels are opening. And the roads are completed in a short time. Road works in Kars continue for years. We can't get our cars out of the industry. Pits such as the molehill on the roads broke the front of our vehicles. We invite everyone on duty. Complete the road works as soon as possible. Accidents happen every day. What shall we do. There's work on one side. We run from the pits, we crash. It is a pity to us,. He said.
Kars-Arpaçay-Çıldır road works coming soon before the arrival of not good, drivers who want to be made in accordance with the legislation, asked the Governor Özdemir'dan hand to address these problems.




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