Wild animal crossing

Crossing of wild animals to highways: Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu stated that wildlife data will be collected from highways and wildlife deaths due to vehicle crashes.
MHP Ankara deputy Özcan Janissaries of the few ecological bridge located on highways in Turkey and answering written parliamentary questions as to whether it related study conduct carried out Eroglu, the rapidly developing transport lines in Turkey and in particular stated that highways and divided highways of wildlife negatively.
Eroglu, animal movements completely or partially prevented, wild animals die on the road and wildlife-induced traffic accidents caused by life and property losses are the most important of these effects, he said.
Explaining that the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs is working to investigate the negative effects of the transportation infrastructure on wildlife throughout the country, especially in protected areas, and to take the necessary precautions, Eroglu said on the website of the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks KARAYAP (Wild Animal Deaths Project Outside of Highways) He stated that a new study has been put into service under the title.
As a result of a vehicle crash, a wild animal death will be recorded on a highways map in electronic environment, Eroglu said, gathering these records will be collected statistical data, he said. Eroglu, so that accidents will be detected in areas where frequent, he said.
Stating that the collected data need to be collected for a while to be statistically significant, Eroğlu said, “The collected data will be shared with the General Directorate of Highways later, and the request for the construction of crossings similar to the wildlife passage located in the Adana-Şanlıurfa highway Pozantı location for the passage of wild air to places deemed necessary. he said.




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