Karaman-Konya Split Road Hot Asphalt Work Completed

Karaman-Konya Divided Road Hot Asphalt Work Completed: Karaman-Konya split road hot asphalt works have been completed in the last year and it has been announced that the highway has been opened as two-way.
In the written statement made by the Governor of Karaman, the following information was given: “Within the scope of the hot asphalt project, a total of 35 kilometers of roads were made by the relevant company, from the Çumra to the district of Kazımkarabekir. The company, which carries out the work on the split road hot asphalt on the Kazımkarabekir-Karaman Highway, has made a total of 70 kilometers of roads on the 22-kilometer highway. Hot asphalt work has ended on the divided highway from Çumra to Karaman. On the highway up to the entrance of the Kazımkarabekir district, only a 44 kilometer long road is not covered with hot asphalt and it will be completed as soon as possible. The hot asphalt paving works in Karaman will continue with the project on Karaman-Mut Highway. ”

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:29

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