Izmit Station made its first move in YHT

Izmit Railway Station made its first move in YHT: The first voyage between Istanbul and Ankara was started as of this morning.

The first passengers to use the high speed train from Izmit also took the train to Ankara in the morning at 08.24. At the entrance of Izmit Station, high security measures drew attention. Passengers were transported through the X-Ray device at the entrance to the gates and searched with a metal detector.

Izmit-Ankara between the first time YHT'nin 25 passengers from Izmit. These passengers, who bought their tickets from Izmit Railway Station, boarded the YHT at the end of the 5 after a minute delay and were on their way.

12 of 8 will be held in Izmit between the High Speed ​​Train and Ankara-Istanbul (Pendik). The departure times from Izmit to Ankara are determined as 08.24, 11.26, 14.14 and 16.54. Istanbul, Istanbul, Istanbul, 11.52, 14.55, 17.40 and 20.42.


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