İzmirliler Dislikes New Transport Project

İzmirliler did not like the New Transportation Project: The project, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made radical changes in urban transportation, was launched yesterday. Most of the citizens were not satisfied with the changes. Bus lines on the long lines to remove the bus lines, trains, trains to IZBAN, metro and ferries led to clutter. Citizens in buses and IZBAN, had to make a trip to the fish farm.

ESHOT General Directorate, aiming to strengthen the transfer system by reducing the number of buses in the city center main arteries, launched the 'Re-design of Transportation System' project. 29 June 2014 The first day of the application, which started on Sunday, did not cause any problems due to coming to the end of the week. The first day of the week on Monday, the citizens tried to get used to the new application, but there were clusters in the buses and İZBAN. The first day of the week, the citizens of the road, even if the center of Izmir Konak Square did not know how to go. Those who did not know the new routes or had to go to the points they had to go to the points they had previously reached by one bus, hesitated at the stops. Citizens, who had reached the destination of a single bus before, had to go to the same place with two three means reacted to the municipality.

Monday morning to go to work at the station every day, but the bus lines were changed from the citizens who said that Ömer Yilmaz, 'Altındağ'da oturuyorum. There were four buses before the direction of Konak, now they are down to one. The bus dropped to one but the number of passengers did not decrease. When the summer holiday is over, the single bus will not be enough. Yaz Mustafa Celikoğlu district of Karabağlar also lived in the neighborhood, the municipality is not satisfied with the new transportation system, he said. Steel, 'Previously I was going to work on a single bus, now I have to use a bus or two buses to a bus. I want the old system to be brought back. Eski Deniz Narmanoğlu, who lives in Gaziemir district, said, Nar I use İZBAN to go back to work. Previously, there was no such intensity in İZBAN. With this application, the number of passengers was booming. We're traveling in the form of fish. Especially in the morning to go to work and in the evening work hours should increase the number of flights. Özellikle He said.

The people of Izmir also criticized the practice in social media. Passengers who shared their experiences on social media, said, 'You would solve the nodes in transportation? They said, 'You've thrown a knot.' With this going, hundreds of people in the stops will blow. ' The words reacted to the application.

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