Izmir's New Transportation System Is Entering Its Way

Izmir's new transportation system is on its way: ESHOT officials who made a presentation before the metropolitan council said that the boarding rate of wheeled vehicles decreased by 3 and the rail system had the same increase.

Eshot officials, who made a presentation before the metropolitan council meeting, reported that the boarding rate of wheeled vehicles decreased by 3 points and that the rail system increased in the same rate. During the morning hours, the average number of passengers per bus dropped from 53 to 45 and the passengers were able to travel more comfortably. While the daily average 25 bin 500 service was carried out before, the new system was made an extra 4 bin service.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of ESHOT shared the initial data of the Sistem Re-design of Transportation System du project, which was put into effect at the end of June, with the members of the Assembly in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. A presentation was made in the parliament about the first data of the project, which aims to reduce the traffic density in the city, reduce waiting times at the stops and increase the alternatives in public transportation. Accordingly, with the application made within the scope of the project aiming to change the public transportation habits, the boarding rate (ESHOT + İZULAŞ) boarding rate was reduced from 69,2 to 66'6. The number of boarding passes in the rail system rose from 27,6 to 30,3. The transfer rate of 31,9 to 36,2 percent output percentage. During the morning hours, the average number of passengers per bus dropped from 53 to 45 and the passengers were able to travel more comfortably. Previously, the daily average 25 bin 500 service was performed, while the new system provided an additional 4 bin service. In spite of the increase in the number of vehicles and services to the service, the mileage values ​​decreased because the buses were operated at shorter distances.

As part of the efforts to address the problems that arise during implementation, the following has been done:
• In order to strengthen the connection between Konak and Talatapaşa Street, the Konak - Halkapınar line numbered 253 was opened.
• Line route 121 was rearranged to serve the passengers of Karataş region.
• In order to overcome the problems due to parking, the route was changed in Yeşilbağlar-Konak line route No. 484.
• The route of the line 27 has been modified and an alternative has been provided to the route that the vehicles cannot cross.
• The route of the line 838 was rearranged to serve the Mehtap District.
• The route of the lines 74 and 866 has been rearranged to solve the circulation problem in the Şirinyer transfer center.

With the new application, 89 line and 639 vehicles are served from the regions to the center. 06.00 in the morning (09.00-1212) and 3295 voyage to the center during the day.

With the new system, the number of vehicles in one minute: on the Şair Eşref Boulevard, the percentage of 72 will decrease by 35 on Fevzipaşa Boulevard and 56 on Gazi Boulevard.

Bilal Doğan criticized the Justice and Development Party Group Vice President, who spoke after the presentation about the new transportation arrangement at the meeting. Responding to Dogan, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, said:

“The key to switching to the transfer system is the 2008-minute single ticket application that we started to implement in 90 to familiarize our citizens with the relay system. Mr. Doğan stated that the rail system was not long enough to meet the needs of İzmir; I agree with the same thing to the end. But Istanbul has a population of 14 million, how many kilometers does it have a rail system? Ankara has passed 4.5 million, how many kilometers does it have rail system? How many kilometers of rail system is there in Izmir? I draw your attention to this. As soon as the announcements for the promotion of this system started on June 20, only you and a few of your friends opposed this system. Thanks to your campaign to defame this system, our fellow townsmen from Izmir did not give credit. This system is well established. If we have mistakes and deficiencies, we fix them. We are ready for when schools will open ”.

Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, explaining that his works in Torbalı and Üçkuyular in the rail system network are finished, reminded the "freak" approach to the passages in Torbalı and said, "Although the passages in Torbalı are freaks, the Metropolitan Municipality has done it." Responding to the allegations that the Ministry of Transport had completed the 'Aliağa-Menderes Project' during his speech at the Assembly meeting, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “The Metropolitan Municipality spent 700 million lira for the Aliağa Menderes Project. TCDD is also the institution of the state. He spends the money by invoice, spends it at tender. It reveals the bills of the money spent on this project. I have a document of 700 million spending. He also reveals how much money you spent. You too will get up and talk with those documents, saying 'Aliağa Menderes Project of the Ministry of Transport and TCDD completed'. As for the steamers, it was also blocked. In Tuzla, I know literally who speaks to shipyards and shipyards. Negative meetings were held regarding our ferry tender. But then one Turkish company won the tender. Two of them buzz now Karşıyaka- It works between Konak. Another one is coming this month. It will come every three months. To the maritime world is a groundbreaking project that Turkey and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's project. Calling Ak "black" does not make it black. The mud horse trail remains logic is not a correct logic. Here it is said '90 minutes is not enough 120 minutes'. How many minutes free transfer is there in Istanbul? How many minutes free transfer in Ankara? Is there a more correct one? "You will study them, you will come like that!"

Following the meeting of the Assembly, the members of the old and new term council met at the iftar dinner organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu at the Historical Gas Station. President Aziz Kocaoglu made a short speech after iftar and said:

Orum I wish all resentments to be resolved in this month, to listen to ourselves, to review our mistakes, and to end the resentment and resentment in the following Eid al-Fitr. Above all, I hope that peace and brotherhood will come to our country, region and our world. Hep

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