Izmir gets used to the new transportation system in the city

İzmir Getting Used to the New Urban Transportation System: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's “Transportation System Re-Design” project, commissioned by the General Directorate of ESHOT, has begun to show its effects. While the number of passengers heading to the rail system increased, a significant relief was observed in urban traffic. ESHOT officials stated that the advantages of the new system will be seen more clearly after the harmonization process.

The targets are realized in the süres Transportation System Re-Design mak project, which was commissioned in order to reduce the traffic density in the city, reduce waiting time at the stops and increase the alternatives in public transportation. With the new system created by the analysis of 4 annual academic study and smart card boarding data, traffic flow in the major arteries in the city centers has been relieved from the first day. The removal of bus lines that ended in Basmane and Customs, and the introduction of ring voyages, resulted in the end of the turmoil in this area. Long-term waiting at stops ended with the disappearance of uncertainty due to the prolonged movement of long lines.

The General Directorate of ESHOT served as the ı full squad on the field sorun against the problems that may occur during the harmonization phase of the yap Transportation System Redesign Project “. All kinds of disruptions were immediately intervened by the buses held at the transfer centers. The staff in charge all day worked to guide the citizens towards the right buses and to inform about the changes in the routes and routes. Information posters were hanged, brochures were distributed to the stops, transportation vehicles and transfer stations. The staff of the field answered all the questions of the citizens looking for the 320 0 320 of the ESHOT General Directorate Public Communication Center. On the first day, the density and small-scale confusion in certain centers was not repeated on the second day due to the fact that the citizens got used to the new system.

The officials of the General Directorate of ESHOT stated that the system is currently in the process of adaptation, nedeniyle Due to the change in the order they are accustomed to in public transportation, our citizens who feel uneasiness and discomfort will see the advantages of this system after several days of adjustment. Certainly, there may be disruptions in some points. We examine in detail the data flows for all regions. We are intervening in places where there are problems. Aks

With the new transportation system, the use of rail system has become more active. The number of passengers in IZBAN increased by 4 on the first day. After the new arrangement of the General Directorate of ESHOT, the number of lines dropped from 341 to 287, and the number of buses in the traffic dropped from 1.488 to 1.396. However, ı more voyages Buna were provided. The number of daily services increased from 12 bin 379 to 13 bin 884.

In the old system, the 06.00 line was used for 09.00 times between the 89-1212 times. This number reached 4 thousand 16 all day long. With the new system, the number of vehicles in one minute was reduced by 72 on the Şair Eşref Boulevard, 35 on the Fevzipaşa Boulevard and 56 on the Gazi Boulevard.

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