Here is the cause of the accident

📩 25/11/2018 21:01

Here is the reason for the accident in YHT: PCD Reis, who worked on the YHT Line, made a statement about the accident that occurred when the test train hit the rail grinder.

11 High Speed ​​Train line in July, the accident occurred yesterday, the contractor's responsibility for the rail grinding tool should not be even caused by the unauthorized entry was announced.

Piri Reis test train damaged in the accident was removed from the night.

In the statement put on the website of TCDD regarding the accident that occurred as a result of the crash of the test train named Piri Reis, which has been doing test studies on the High Speed ​​Train Line for a while, it was also emphasized that the Piri Reis Train did not fall over during the crash in the news on some websites. In the statement of TCDD, it was said:

“1- As claimed in the news, the Piri Reis test train has not been overturned. 2- During the test between Gebze-Tavsancil, the contractor hit the rail grinding tool, which is under the responsibility of the company and should not be on the line at the time. 3- Rail grinding tool is discharged from the road. 4- The incident occurred on the conventional line, not on the high-speed train line, and there were no casualties. ”


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