Istanbul-Ankara YHT line of bus companies bankrupt?

Will the Istanbul-Ankara YHT line make bus companies go bankrupt: 100 of the 80 passengers traveling between Istanbul and Ankara will carry high-speed trains.

Especially on holidays, high-speed train will be medicine for the citizen suffering to leave Istanbul and enter Istanbul. 100 of the 80 passengers traveling between Istanbul and Ankara will carry high-speed trains. The ticket prices of the line, which reduces the distance between the two cities to 3.5 hours, will be cheap from the plane and expensive from the bus. It will make 6 flights, 6 arrivals and 12 departures per day. Young people, the elderly, the disabled, the students will buy the ticket 'cheap'. While half of the trips between the two cities are made by car, the 'family package price' study will start to make families love the train.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan gave information about the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line, which will be opened by Prime Minister Erdogan in an iftar invitation to journalists in Ankara. Stating that 50 percent of the passengers still traveling between the two cities prefer the car, Elvan predicted that 100 of 80 passengers will prefer the train in a year. Stating that 100 out of 72 passengers on the Ankara-Eskişehir line and 65 on the Ankara-Konya line preferred the high-speed train, Elvan said, “As in developed countries, we will shift the passenger on the railway.”

When asked about the allegations that some unions have made an accident warning for most of the line, there is no signal system in operation, Elvan said, “All reports about the line have been completed and there is no security problem. The line was also accepted by the international railway security company. Here, machinists will not have the initiative to speed. It is clear in which section they will go at what speed. Therefore, our train is extremely safe. ”


Elvan, who did not answer the questions of whether to allow free travel at the beginning to get used to the citizen with the Ankara-Istanbul line ticket price, said that they will be announced by Prime Minister Erdoğan. However, he said, the ticket prices will be expensive than the bus and cheaper than the plane. He explained that some people, such as young people, the elderly, the disabled and students, will be offered discounted prices. Stating that the families usually travel with their own cars, Elvan returned to TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and instructed “Work on this proposal” on the question of “Can't pricing a family package to make them train attractive”.


On the train, both business and economy class can be made to choose between meals and without food. The price of the ticket will also be determined by meals and without meals.

After the train departs from Ankara, it will stop at Sincan, Polatlı, Eskişehir, Bozüyük, Bilecik, Pamukova, Sapanca, Izmit, Gebze and finally Pendik. Initially, it will make 6 trips, including 6 departures and 12 arrivals per day. This number can be increased later according to the demand.

But how will the passenger landing in Pendik reach other parts of Istanbul? Minister Elvan explained that there is a joint work with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on this issue and that there will be buses for the lines after Pendik.

Minister Elvan, the train for those who want to ride on the train for the ones who want to give this opportunity, he said.


When 100 of 80 passengers are transported by train, when asked about the possibility of bus companies going bankrupt, Elvan said, “Our main target is those who travel by car between the two cities. These make up 50 percent of the passengers. Moreover, we open the railways to the private sector in both passenger and freight transport. The private sector will be able to operate some lines. The law on this was enacted. Secondary regulations are about to end. Some lines, such as bus companies, will operate by the private sector. They will need to get a license from us for this. ”





  1. Istanbul-Ankara-Istanbul line passenger buses, companies are not flexible, and remain in the same way, of course damages, even bankruptcy can be seen. However, I think that the flexibility required will be achieved personally. Already the weakest side of the rigid transportation systems such as railways, the lack of flexibility, also for today's bus transportation companies, with a rational planning, a new chance, new horizons means. Because, from point A to point B, the overcrowded passengers, and also from those points to other targets to be moved, distributed. This distribution is now distributed to the local distribution companies in the city as well as on the most remote routes. I hope that bus companies can take this opportunity to evaluate the best and most effective way. Therefore, these companies should be expected to increase their occupancy and profitability.