Iran-Turkey begins to vie 1001 Nights journeys by train

Iran-Turkey begins journeys by train vie 1001 Nights: The first time the 23 4 September and will be held between October trip, starting in Istanbul, will end in Tehran. Alexander the Great's footsteps 3 thousand years of Hellenic civilization, along with the Ottoman period, pre-Roman, Achaemenid and Persia stated that the visits to significant points of Antonina Tourism founder Atilla Tuna trip to Turkey as well as Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Russia, USA A total of 100 people from countries such as said. 3 6 19 is a thousand-kilometer-long trip, listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list of different historic sites and XNUMX. Tuna stated that it covered the Baghdad Railway, which was built in the 19th century by German engineers. 'The first day of the trip, starting from Istanbul, brings together the most important historical and cultural points of the city with its passengers. The trip then extends from the Taurus Mountains towards the Cappadocia, Mount Nemrut and Van. He crosses the Iranian border and reaches the Olcaytu Mausoleum in Iran. The journey of the train, which visited the city of Isfahan, the city of Poet Hafez, Pasargadae and Persepolis with the Safavid monuments of Yazd, Safavid, ends in Tehran. Ancı


The train will move from Tehran in October 4 this time and will follow the same route voicing the Danube, 17 will return to Istanbul in October, he said. The train is composed of TCDD V-2000 wagons. U The train has two 8 passenger and 2 restaurant wagons. From time to time the hotel has a first train in Turkey's tourism will also stay. Sales made 40 the world's tourism authorities of different countries and in Turkey Orient Express' as described in 2015 of this train journey in Istanbul, we are planning to do a total of four flights between Tehran mutual, "he said. Tuna said that there was a great interest in the trip and that the train price per person varied between 2 bin 500 Euro and 4 bin 200 Euro.

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