Infrastructure Works in Taurus

Infrastructure Works in Taurus: Infrastructure works are continuing in the district by the Toroslar Municipality of Mersin.
Toroslar Mayor Hamit Tuna, who went to Güneykent neighborhood to examine the rainwater, paving, pavement, colorful islands project and in-house landscaping activities, showed great interest to residents. Chatting with citizens Tuna, technical team received information about the work done.
As a result of the studies carried out in the neighborhood, there are increases in real estate values, stating that Tuna, this is satisfied with the citizens, said: ın All the streets of Güneykent neighborhood pavement work is over. At the moment we started to work asphalt with finisher. Güneykent, Akbelen and Halkkent neighborhoods are our residential areas. In addition to the asphalt and pavement works, we are completely renewing the Güneykent Neighborhood both by painting the buildings with colorful islands project and by the landscaping and lighting works we have done within the islands. Together with these studies, we show how an urban renewal can be done without dismantling the buildings. In response to these services, we sell 60-70 thousand TL in Güneykent Neighborhood. The added value increase in the apartments also makes our citizens satisfied. Dair
Güneykent District 94003 street, especially in heavy rain days, indicating that the great troubles have occurred President Tuna, 600 meter rainwater work on this street said they had started. Tuna, after the completion of the rainwater work will be done with the paving of the problem completely gave information.
The residents expressed their happiness to see President Tuna at their side and thanked him for their services.


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