Work on the Edge of the Peripheral Highway

📩 24/11/2018 13:39

The work started on the edge of the perimeter of the environmental road: Söke Municipality, Söke's mirror began to take the spot points. In this context, environmental regulation works were initiated on the side of Söke-Milas Highway.
As part of the arrangement of the empty spaces on the edge of the Söke-Milas Highway Ring Road, the teams gave the start of working with the curb. Landscaping and flowering will be done with landscaping and pavement arrangement as well as landscaping. There will be resting places in the area that will be organized in a way that citizens can do sports activities like walking easily.
Süleyman Toyran, the Mayor of Söke; Dık In Söke, we started to deal with unresolved issues. One of them has been complained for years, as well as a tourism route, the side of the ring road in the mirror of Söke started our work. We will see how recently the areas on the ring road have changed and become a modern city. Yakın

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