How Much Rail is So Much Development

How Much Very Much O Railroad Development: After the War of Independence and the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed the year 1923 378 thousand kilometers in total length of railway lines ....

Railways yer It is a transportation system that leaves such permanent and permanent traces to the economic, social and cultural life of our country.

23 is considered to be the birthday of Turkish railways on September 1856. Izmir-Aydin railway line for digging the first shot from that date until today, Turkey's railway history, the birth of the Republic of Turkey, economic, to do the most important testimony of the social and cultural development.

Because, in this process, Turkish railways have assumed an important function in the liberation, development and development of our country such as the vessels that carry blood to our body, and our country has been the water of life.

War of Independence, which played important roles in the War of Independence and fulfilled the military logistics service and railway operation without interruption, despite all the shortcomings. kazanWe would like to take a look at the development of the railway, which had a significant impact on the construction of the railway, from the establishment of the Republic in 1923 until today, and on this occasion, we would like to commemorate all railwaymen who served at that time with mercy and gratitude.

We wanted to remind you once again of this pride in what conditions, how and what have been accomplished, with the feelings of gratitude and gratitude.

Armistice Armistice until that Ottoman Empire until the end of the xnumx.düny War (Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East, the Arabian peninsula) there were a total 1 thousand 8 km long railway in the territory and the operators of these railways British, French and Germans were private companies.

But in the hands of the Turks after the Armistice Armistice, management maintained that foreign private companies and had stayed in some parts of Anatolia and Baghdad railways operated concessions from the Ottoman Empire.

These railway line segments were also about a thousand 174 kilometers.

In the 1923 years after the War of Independence and the declaration of the Republic of Turkey was 378 thousand kilometers in total length of railway lines.

In the war's atrocities, after the country's economic, social and cultural understands that it is important to what extent the re-creation of transportation Great Ataturk, after the Liberation saga has initiated moves towards built with steel mesh of the four corners of the country as the first job.

On the other hand, the lines in the hands of foreign companies were nationalized or purchased. This miracle came out of the War of Independence and was accomplished despite many difficulties such as the economic crisis of the world. And Turkish railways have lived their golden age in this period.

Our army 9 entered Izmir on September 1922 and the War of Independence ended with victory with the important contribution of the railway. The Mudanya Armistice (ceasefire) negotiations that will end the war resulted in a consensus on 11 October. The wars that have continued for years and caused hundreds of thousands of people to become martyrs and veterans are over.

Now the war has begun development of the new Republic of Turkey.

Born in terms of our Liberation War, developing and acting together with the formation of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish railway has a special place in our Republic of railwaymen.

However, Turkish railways were regarded as stepchildren after 1950. forming the highway transportation system, rail, sea, air transport of a whole that, by ignoring the need to develop these systems together, mainly road transport policies have been implemented.

The following table has been prepared taking into account the establishment of 1923 years of the Republic of Turkey.

TCDD When we place the statistical information on a table according to the annual periods, we can see the total rail length made every decade and the distribution of this length by years.

* Total railway length is 2003 km according to TCDD Statistics information of 2007-10959. According to the previous statistics, this length is 10984 km. The last 2003-2007 Statistical Yearbook was accepted correctly.

* Length of the railway made in nine years.

Source: TCDD Statistical annuals

Railway will form the future of freight transport. For this reason, TCDD is keeping the values ​​like security, economy, social utilitarianism, environmentalism and integration ahead;

Keep current networks and tools ready for service.
If necessary, it should build new lines and connection lines and be fed with other transportation systems.
It should offer economic, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly transportation.
Railways should be a preferred transportation system and railways should be the driving force of the country's development.

In the 2023 percent of the total share of rail freight transport in the year 15 and 2035 20 percent and are aimed at reaching exports until the year 2023 500 billion dollars.

To achieve these goals;

3 thousand 500 kilometers of high-speed rail, 8 thousand 500 kilometer high-speed rail and 1000 kilometers by 13 thousand kilometers of railways for conventional rail (per thousand 300 kilometers per year) to reach a total of 2023 thousand kilometers of railways length in 25, 2023 from 2035-6 thousand years Our railway network 500 should be increased to one thousand kilometers by making an extra rapid rail (annual average 31 mileage).

The restructuring of the railway system, infrastructure and operation separation and the necessary institutionalization (infrastructure, license and security certificates, accident investigation and evaluation, research institutions) should be established.
Measures should be taken carefully to solve the coordination problem between Infrastructure and Enterprise.
Railway Sector and TCDD laws should be removed immediately.
Cargo transportation should be given priority.
In this context, specific lines should be allocated to freight transport.
Every kind of precautions should be taken for the transportation of certain loads (mine, construction material, etc.) by rail.
In particular, studies should be carried out to transport industrial products to the distances exceeding 400 kilometers by rail and measures should be taken accordingly.
It is necessary to immediately eliminate the bottlenecks in the existing lines and to be determined by the strategic national transportation plan and to make necessary new lines.
Required road renewal and maintenance work should be carried out.
The signaling and electrification requirements must be met.
If necessary, double line should be used.
Import, export, industrial products, containers, oil and mineral transport lines should be evaluated firstly.
The bottlenecks in port connections should be carefully examined and resolved.
A special plan should be prepared for the use of the railway in the transportation of the goods produced in the GAP region.
The problem of crossing Van Lake is to make maintenance and repair of existing ferries in the short term and to buy new ones and if necessary 3. it should be solved by opening the method to individuals. In the long run, the Van Lake North Railway Project should be implemented.
Construction of new lines should be planned with priorities determined to be an optimal network with the existing lines.
Inadequacies in the pulling and towing vehicles must be eliminated.
Wagon ownership of the private enterprise should be encouraged.
Combined transport should be given priority.
Connection should be made to the organized industrial zones and important production centers by direct lines (connection lines).
The bottlenecks in port connections and all problems that prevent port / rail integration should be solved immediately.
For international combined transport, the launched applications should be developed and necessary plans and applications should be made to expand the scope.
Necessary organizations should be made to provide logistic support.

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