Prime Minister explained High Speed ​​Train a week free

The Prime Minister announced that High Speed ​​Train is free for a week: Prime Minister Erdogan came to Istanbul with the High Speed ​​Train, which reduced the distance between Ankara and Istanbul to 3.5 hours. Prime Minister Erdogan announces that High Speed ​​Train is free for one week

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line (YHT) reached Istanbul. He came to Pendik with the High Speed ​​Train that Prime Minister Erdogan was in. With the High Speed ​​Line, the distance between the two cities will be reduced to 3.5 hours. Prime Minister Erdogan addressed the public here ...

Here are highlights from the Prime Minister's speech ...

-Allaha Hamd get the joy of Istanbul High Speed ​​train lives. Today we not only open YHT, but also meet the capitals with iron networks.

How many kilometers of iron net was built after Gazi Mustafa Kemal. We are both renewing the lines and moving to YHT lines.

-Ankara and Eskişehir embraced in a very different way, then konya was added to it. Now we are adding Istanbul to this excitement.

Today is the exceptional day that the spiritual architects of Anatolia are getting closer. Today, Bilecik, where the Ottoman Empire was born, was excited.

- On this day we open, you can wander around the capitals and return to Istanbul.

-17 thousand kilometers double road, we built Marmaray and now we have realized the High Speed ​​Train. Today, a candidate tied Marmaray to Demirel. Come on, we laid the foundation and we opened it.

- We opened the Marmaray and fulfilled the will of Sultan Abdulhamid.

-Turkey you grow so they resorted to every means. We stooped, stood upright, acted stable, patient.

God's help has overcome all of them with the support of our nation. We even put more advanced targets

I always give thanks to Istanbula who gives us the highest support. I praise my Lord for giving us this happiness.

If I am elected President on 10 August, we will continue our services with a new understanding.

-If you send this brother to Çankaya, know that our struggle with the Parelel structure will not stop.

Now some of them are pitying inside. Abundant Quran inside, take it inside, complete the hatim. These are screenwriters. As long as God has given us life and this soul rests in this body, no one can stop us from serving the nation.

Eskişehir Konya is OK, Bursa is in the order, in Ankara Kırıkkale Yozgat, Sivas.

- The ongoing persecution in Palestine hurts us. More than 150 of our children were martyred there. Nearly 100 of our sisters were martyred. We have more than 800 martyrs. The terrorist state Israel is terrorizing. I open my hands. “Long live hell for the wrongdoers. But we are Muslims, I have been against anti-Semitism, but we will also stand against Islamophobia. We should never destroy churches and synagogues. We absolutely have to protect believers, especially those under our assurance. But know that Do not take off the sigh of the oppressed.

I am addressing the people of Israel. O Israelites, you must teach this administration the necessary lesson. The Israeli soldiers who entered the Mescid in Aksa with dirty boots should know that they are in a mistake. They do this immorality to our places of worship, but we never, ever do the same to their synagogues. Do not come to games. Do not be fooled by the attacks of some NGOs at this point.

Prime Minister Erdogan said that the price of the High Speed ​​Train, which will start on Sunday, that is, on the eve of the day, will be 1 TL.
Regarding the fee schedule of YHT, Erdogan said, “Ticket prices are normally 70 TL. Under the age of 7 is free, children aged 7-12 are 35 lira for half the price, 65 lira for over 35, students 55 lira ”.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 16:36

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