President Karatas Asphalt Surveys on Site

Mayor Karataş Asphalt Works Onsite: Çorum's asphalt works initiated by Osmancık Municipality continues unabated.
With the end of the infrastructure works, Osmancık Municipality has started a feverish study in the regions where the studies are completed. Mayor Hamza Karatas, asphalt work in the regions visited, found on-site examinations.
Mayor Karataş stated that it is planned to make hot asphalt in 150 street and street excavated due to infrastructure works and that they will make 45 thousand tons of hot asphalt in these streets and streets.
Karataş noted that the works on the streets and streets with a high density of vehicles have been completed to a great extent and 22 thousand tons of hot asphalt casting has been realized. “Our streets and streets were excavated due to the large infrastructure project. Immediately after the completion of the studies we started on hot asphalt. There were occasional disruptions due to adverse weather conditions, but we soon completed the main streets with vehicle density. We plan to complete all work in August. In total, about 150 thousand tons of hot asphalt will be poured for the asphalting of 45 street and street. Currently half of the work is completed and 22 thousand tons of asphalt material is used. All of the main streets from one end of the district to the other end were paved. A large part of the streets and streets were paved in the southern and Cumhuriyet districts. In the district center, the first stage of asphalt works has ended. ”
Karatas, floods in the neighborhood of the floods for the discharge of rain water storm built in the Çorum Street said that the construction of large culverts, so the work on this street, he added.

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