Güneşli Waterfall Cable Car Project On The Road

Güneşli Waterfall Cable Car Project on the Road: In the district of Hopa, Güneşli Village Waterfall, which spills from the height of 150 meters to the valley floor, is waiting to be discovered. Town center is about 12 kilometers from the distance and the peasants "Turkey's hidden paradise" of 2300 altitude sunny village in Kaçkar Mountains foothills describing it as untouched old growth forests, plant diversity, streams, wildlife, the tourist area of ​​the temple remaining assets of past civilizations will visit the nature lovers It is expected to take its place as one. The waterfall, which casts among the trees in the forested area of ​​Güneşli village, is among the places worth seeing with the increasing flow rate as a result of the melting of snow in the beginning of summer.

The waterfall, consisting of two steps, is formed by the joining of the small streams that originate from the Dağasti Mountains in the Kaçkar Mountains range and pours into the valley floor from a height of about 150 meters. Güneşli Waterfall is reached through Güneşli, Balıklı, Çimenli and Eşmekaya group village road after passing the 2nd kilometer of Hopa-Artvin highway. The village headman, Hürdoğan Gül, is making attempts to bring the waterfall, which is not accessible by road, to tourism. In a statement to the correspondent of AA, Gul said that they want to bring the Güneşli Waterfall, which is about 5 kilometers away from the village, to tourism and make an economic contribution by introducing its villages. Explaining that it is difficult to reach the waterfall due to the steep terrain, Gül said, “As the villagers, we saw the waterfall from a distance, but nobody could reach it because it was far and no way. We started work about two months ago to make way to the waterfall. We bought the help and service of the villagers and made a 5 kilometer long path. By following the path, the waterfall can be reached in about 4 hours. Since the land is mountainous and quite steep, we had a lot of difficulty in road construction. Finally, we provided transportation to the waterfall, even if it was a footpath. ”

Preparation of the cable car project Gül noted that they are preparing for the cable car project for transportation to the waterfall and concluded his words as follows: “With the cable car project we plan to build in the village, we will provide transportation from the air to a place close to the waterfall. Many non-governmental organizations and mukhtars operating in our district support opening the waterfall to tourism. With the cable car project, we aim not only to harm nature, but also to ensure that visitors are intertwined with nature. While opening the waterfall to tourism, our main goal is to protect and keep this natural beauty alive. We are working on projects in this direction. In this regard, we expect the support of the Governorate, the Special Administration and the Directorate of Culture and Tourism, especially our Governor of Artvin. The waterfall, which is located in a basin rich in plant diversity, takes on an unsatisfying beauty especially in the course of spring and summer. I invite everyone to our village and want them to see this natural beauty. ”

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:35

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