Governor Held, Investments on Highways Investigated

Vali Tutulmaz, Highways Investments on the table: Siirt Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz under the presidency of the ongoing construction of the road within the organization of highways in the road with a broad evaluation was laid on the table.
In addition to the Governor Tutulmaz meeting held in the meeting hall of the Governor, as well as the Regional Director of Highways 9, Şamil Gülen, highway authorities and Siirt 94. Branch Manager Umut Esat Güloğlu attended. Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, who stated that the reason why the investments of highways could not be completed for a long time was due to strategic errors, argued that positive discrimination should be made to Siirt, who is the victim of highways investments. Governor of the construction, the ongoing ongoing Siirt ring road, Siirt-Kurtalan between the 6 kilometer split road and the way to finish the road Siirt-Eruh-Sirnak said that these roads should be given weight. Alar We need to increase the efforts for the roads to be completed and the public to enter the service, ın said Governor Tutulmaz, an In order to accelerate the road construction works and to remove the appropriation, we will have initiatives at the Ministry of Transport in Ankara an.
The 9 Regional Manager of the Highways, Şamil Gülen, made a presentation about the investments made in the province of Siirt. Gülen stated that his biggest problems in Siirt were the expropriation problems with the citizens and the inadequacy of the appropriations allocated to them. Therefore, the investments could not be realized within the planned time due to these reasons.
Gülen, Siirt ring road due to difficulties experienced in the expropriation, until now on the road to 64 lawsuits filed, he added.

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