Another bad news to Gokcek is the Siteler-Karapurcek ropeway project stopped

📩 24/11/2018 13:35

Another bad news for Gokcek was the Siteler-Karapurcek ropeway project: Following the decision to stop the Ankapark project, Melih Gokcek has received another bad news Gök

Melih Gokcek, the transportation plan of the Siteler-Karapürçek ropeway line of the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch of the decision to stop the execution of the case was given.

Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Chairman Tezcan Karakus Candan written in a written statement, "the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Gokcek for the excuse of the judicial decisions are taken," he said.

The court once again showed that nothing could happen according to the wishes of the mayor, even without an arrangement in line with the principles of planning without transportation master plan. “ In the plan, the ropeway line is not shown as a transportation system but not as a transportation system. On the other hand, the ropeway line and stations in the zoning plan note are schematic and the location of the lines and stations in the application phase can be changed. and, therefore, the implementation of the plan, the 2015 / 1 and 25.000 / 2023 scale of the subject matter of the case subject to the amendment of the Parliamentary decision on the basis of urbanism principles and planning principles has decided to carry out the plans with his crossbow. Those who exclude reason and science will lose as they were yesterday. Ak