Gokcek gave gospel to the people of Sincar on the light rail system

📩 30/11/2018 14:55

Gökçek gave the good news of the light rail system to the people of Sincan at the public iftar: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek gave the good news of the light rail system that will further ease the traffic in Sincan. Mayor Gökçek said, “Subway came to our Xinjiang. During this period, we will replace the old suburban trains with a light rail subway system similar to the subway ”.

The program ı People in Each District ı organized by the Metropolitan Municipality was held this time in Sincan with the participation of Mayor Melih Gökçek and the Mayor of Sincan Mustafa Tuna. Approximately 8 Thousands of citizens attended the iftar immediately after addressing Sincanlılara President Gökçek, Metropolitan Municipality by the services made in the county mentioned. Eti In the last year alone, we have poured asphalt twice as much asphalt from a large province in asphalt, en said President Gökçek, saying that they got the highest votes from Sincan in the elections. Gokcek, "Xinjiang, 401 thousand tons of asphalt poured, 107 thousand square meters of tierro, 110 mile border, 3 pieces of decorative hours," he said.

Gokcek also gave information about the work done in order to further ease the traffic in Sincan. In this period, we will bring the subway-like light rail subway system instead of the old commuter trains. In this way, the traffic will be a floor more relaxed kat.


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