Feast Measures from the General Directorate of Security

Feast Measures from the General Directorate of Security: The General Directorate of Security gave explanatory information about the measures taken by the traffic units on the city and urban road routes.
In the statement made by the General Directorate of Security, the inspections to be carried out by the Traffic Services Directorate and the personnel assigned by our Traffic Services Department in order to ensure that citizens can travel peacefully and safely during the Ramadan holiday and subsequently on the highways are listed as follows:
“To see the traffic precautions that our traffic organizations have planned and taken on site, to determine the faulty behavior of drivers during traffic and travel, to notify relevant traffic teams / units and to take legal action, to take necessary measures on highways, Audit teams composed of Vice-Presidents, Branch Managers and other personnel in the Traffic Services Directorate will inspect the following roads during the Ramadan Feast holiday.
The capital Ankara-Bolu-Duzce-Sakarya-Kocaeli-Istanbul,
Capital Ankara - Aksaray - Konya (Ereğli) - Niğde (Ulukışla) - Adana,
Capital Ankara - Kırıkkale - Kırşehir - Nevşehir (Topaklı) - Kayseri,
Capital Ankara - Kırıkkale - Yozgat -Sivas,
Capital Ankara - Kırıkkale - Çorum - Amasya (Merzifon) - Samsun,
Capital Ankara - Eskişehir (Sivrihisar) - Afyonkarahisar -Isparta - Burdur - Antalya - Konya,
Capital Ankara - Eskişehir (Sivrihisar) - Afyonkarahisar - Uşak (Banaz) - Manisa (Salihli-Kula) - İzmir,
Capital Ankara - Eskişehir - Bilecik (Bozüyük) - Bursa and Capital Ankara. ”
In the declaration, “The conditions and behavior of the vehicles and their drivers traveling on the road, whether they comply with the traffic rules, whether the traffic crew and personnel are on the route they are in charge, whether the reasonable precautions are taken against the drivers in the Traffic Controls and Traffic Accidents Directive, Civil inspection teams and staff will be assigned between the provinces, with their bus and bus departures (by purchasing a ticket) to observe their attitudes and behaviors (courtesy, oratory, approach), whether they comply with the basic disciplines and principles required by the task in the applied procedures and to make the necessary determinations. . Traffic discipline in coordination and in connection with traffic organizations and traffic crews supervising on a fixed or navigational road, and monitoring and controlling the road users from the air, as well as the traffic density determined from the heavy vehicles such as trucks, trucks and tankers, which have been determined to increase significantly. In order to ensure that these vehicles are kept and controlled in reasonable places for a short period of time until the traffic flow returns to normal, the traffic agencies and their teams are provided with three (3) helicopters related to our Department of Aviation and aerial control from the Department of Traffic Services. It will be done in a way. ”
We emphasized that speed and speed radar and road traffic are going to be carried out on both highways and divided highways.
“General service police officers will be more sensitive to traffic discipline violations during the holiday holidays. There are City Safety Management Systems (KGYS) and Traffic Electronic Supervision System (TEDES) board, which ensures minimization of other traffic discipline violations, especially in urban and intercity highways. In these provinces, these systems will be used effectively during the holiday holidays.
Throughout our country, our provincial security directorates have 17 thousand 76 teams and 436 pedestrian officers, 3 of which are radar during the day and 84 pedestrian officers, 913 of them with video cameras and 129 teams, by the traffic units, on the inner and outer highway routes. Supervision services are carried out with 375 pedestrian officers, and supervisory teams are empowered by assigning support teams from office staff.
Our citizens, and especially drivers, especially the road users of traffic rules more than ever to comply with, especially with the speed not to follow the close follow-up, multi-passenger, sleep-exhausted vehicles, not to use the traffic discipline violations to avoid, at least one life of each traffic rule We are hoping that they will spend a good and healthy holiday with their loved ones.



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