Gemlikte Asphalting Works Continues Day and Night

Asphalting Works in Gemlik Night Day Continues: Gemlik Municipality, Ahmet Dural Square, the surrounding area of ​​the government building and casinos were completed by the teams working day and night asphalt pouring process.
Gemlik Municipality Mayor Refik Yılmaz, who described the infrastructure works initiated by Gemlik Municipality together with the BUSKI General Directorate as a big step for a cleaner Gemlik and a clean Gulf, said that the sewage system of Kayhan, Fish Market, Demirsubaşı, Orhaniye and Yeni Mahalle flowing into the sea from Moda Street He said that the sewage costs flowing from the Government Building, PTT building and its surroundings to the Çarşı Stream were collected into a single system. Expressing that no sewage will flow to the sea and the creek anymore, Yılmaz said, “Both the sea and the bazaar stream will be cleaner. In this way, the bad smell and bad image will be prevented. In addition to the five neighborhoods, the sewage and wastes going to the gulf from the Çarşı Stream and its surroundings will be taken into the system and pumped to the treatment plant. We are planning to complete the works that started in front of Ahmet Dural Square Çarşı Mosque immediately. Thank you for the patience and tolerance shown by the prudent citizens and tradesmen ”.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, along with Gemlik Municipality and BUSKI General Directorate, and two years ago, completed the infrastructure works, the work done for the health of the gulf and river, a significant investment in the solution of the entire infrastructure of the district was stated that the district.


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