Forest response to highways

Forest response to highways: Çan-Çanakkale road made by the highways caused the massacre of the tree and the roads were reacted.
Çan-Çanakkale highway, which is one of the subjects that turns into the snake story of the city, came to the fore with the claim that forest areas were destroyed this time. Reactions were expressed with the photos published on the internet, emphasizing that the highways work without considering the environment and nature. Under the photos posted on the Internet, “Çanakkale-Çan road Balaban Location: The place where Atatürk had coffee with Rıza Şah Pahlevi in ​​1934: This was always the forest; Highways have been trying to destroy this forest and the traces of Atatürk here for a year. It is necessary to protect the forest from the Highways first ”.




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