A car hit a tram stop in Eskisehir

A car crashed into a tram stop in Eskişehir: Father and son survived the car that rolled over without injury - a father and his son survived the car that rolled over in Eskişehir without bleeding even their nose. According to the information received, the 55 KF 874 plate car under the administration of Mürsel Yiğit, traveling from Gökmeydan Mahallesi Borsa Street to the bus station, crashed into the tram stop on the left side of the road for an unknown reason.

Mürsel Yiğit and his son Mertcan Yiğit got out of the bleed. Upon the notification of the citizens of the accident, the police, 112 Emergency Service and Eskisehir Light Rail System Administration (ESTRAM) teams were shipped. 112 Emergency Service teams left the scene after the accident. Yigit driver, district next car from the environment while collecting items scattered around, automobile automobile, surrounded by the help of the surrounding citizens. ESTRAM teams were also damaged. An investigation was launched against the accident.


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