Jumping towers collapsed in Erzurum

Jumping towers collapsed in Erzurum: The landslide in front of the ski jumping towers for the 2011 World University Winter Games, hosted by Erzurum in 25, caused landslides. The runways were completely useless and the hotel and other facilities were evacuated.

World University Winter Games in Erzurum's Palandöken center for the county in 100 million pounds of expenditure Kiremitliktepe built Turkey's first landslide since today morning was felt in the ski jump tower. Youth Sports Services Provincial Directorate conducted inspections by taking the AFAD teams to the region on the openings seen on the tracks in front of the two towers of 95 and 125 meters. The slopes that were determined to be landslides were disintegrated with landslides at 15.00.

In the winter season, the last 6 on July, the skiing National Team athletes jumping on the slopes of the slopes, which caused the earthquake in the environment created. There was no loss of life and no injuries.

The facilities for Universiade Erzurum-27, hosted by Erzurum between 6 January-2011 February 2011, cost about 600 million liras. In addition to the Kiremitlenenpe Ski Jumping Facility, which has become unusable as a result of landslides today, the ice skating hall with a capacity of 2 spectators, an ice rink hall with a capacity of 500 spectators, an ice hockey hall with a capacity of 3 thousand spectators, an ice hockey hall with a capacity of 500 spectators, 1000 spectators. It consisted of Konaklı Ski Center, Palandöken Ski Center, Kandilli Ski Center, Cemal Gürsel Stadium and Games Village with its capacity curling hall.

* The facility was opened on 7 January 2011 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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