Minister Elvan announced, TCDD will be privatized

Minister Elvan explained, TCDD will be privatized: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said, üt We are now taking over the railways from the monopoly of State Railways.

In particular, we carry out work to ensure that freight and passenger transport is carried out by private sector on railways. Our friends have almost completed the arrangements at the moment. After these works, only State Railways will get rent from companies from companies ın. Minister Lutfi Elvan attended the iftar dinner given by the municipality in Karaman, his hometown. In addition to the Minister Elvan in the Aktekke City Square, the Minister of Education of the AK Party, the former Minister of National Education Ömer Dinçer, the Governor of Karaman, Murat Koca, the Mayor of Karaman, Ertuğrul Çalışkan, and approximately one thousand people attended the Ak Aktekke Kent Square kişi.

Minister Elvan, the CHP and MHP presidential candidate in his speech, suggested that Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu was the 'candidate for a tray'. Elvan said,
"30 years later he came to Turkey, I have stayed in Turkey for a while and then worked in various organizations. A candidate presented on a platter. It's not a candidate from the people. The CHP and MHP still think of themselves in the times of revolution. ”Minister Elvan then visited the shopkeepers in Karaman Castle. Minister Elvan, who was presented with a mobile Quran gift to himself here, has accepted this gift after kissing 3 times. Then attended the press conference in Karaman Police House Minister Elvan answered questions from journalists here. Minister Elvan, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu on the question about the said:

Ere If the CHP is to nominate a presidential candidate, it can nominate one from its own party, which is known by a well-known society. MHP is so. He could be nominated from within the familiar to the one he loved Turkey. But they did not prefer them. Someone prepared it, cooked it and offered it in front of them; 'Your candidate Ekmelettin Ihsanoglu' he said. Now I'm asking the same question again. CHP Chairman Before the presidential elections, was there any kind of business with Mr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu? Did they get together, talked, got to know each other? How much they know each other. I ask the same question within MHP Chairman. Explain if any; They say, 'We've known these friends, our candidate.' I think they don't. So they don't even know their own candidates. Her resume is not nominated, but the public must know her. Who knows when we ask the citizen? Şu

On the question of the operation against the police, the Minister Elvan cannot create a different structure within the state structure, hierarchical, legal, legal order. You have to obey the order of the state. If someone has made an illegal phone call, you have watched a large number of illegal listening on the screens between 17 December and 30 March. Assembled, illegal voice recordings etc. It's not possible for us to accept them. Everything to be done must be legal, Yap he said.

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, explained that TCDD will no longer be a monopoly of the state monopoly, especially the work done by private sector on freight and passenger transport. Minister Elvan gave the following information:
Iz Our friends have almost completed the arrangements at the moment. Following these works, only State Railways will receive leases from companies. For example, any company that wants to transport goods can do this. State Railways will also get the infrastructure rent due to its own infrastructure. Quite a comprehensive area. In 2015 we hope to open this work to our businesses. Businesses especially important in freight transport. Investors want the railways to be liberalized and lirebalized in freight transportation. There are very high demands in this direction. Bu

High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Ankara and Istanbul, and the free flights to be made during the holiday to make a statement about the Minister Elvan, 'the average 5 thousand passengers per day 6 6 arrival and 12 going to be going to describe the expedition, said:
Acak The first week will be free. I received information from our General Directorate. He said it was a very serious confluence. a mega project that really significance for Turkey. Because of Turkey's largest city we have had two high-speed railway line linking the most important. It will provide more convenient and fast transportation between Ankara and Istanbul. With this project, we bring Hacı Bayram Veli to Eyüp Sultan. Bu

Minister Elvan, YHT voyages of sabotage whether they have to be careful and cautious when they are asked that the Ankara Istanbul YHT line are disturbed. It is possible to see this in some newspapers. A very important opening is taking place. Just as it does not matter the opening, 'here the first time the high speed train has failed' he headlines thrown. We stayed there for maximum 12- 15 minutes that day. But it was taken to 15 minutes by someone in 45 minutes. These are news for the purpose. I understand them too. But our people see what we do. Our interlocutor is our people. We will continue to work day and night as long as they support. Destek

Elven, that Turkey has started to make its national high-speed rail, they finished the design, highlighting the detail work is done, "Here, our Ministry, TÜBİTAK and Istanbul Technical University are working together. Hopefully, we will produce our high speed train in Eskişehir. But before we produce it, we still need a high-speed train. Because it will take some time to produce. We will also make a tender for him in the coming periods. She'll also want to tender, including material from products produced in Turkey to include the establishment of 51 percent in Turkey. High-speed train wants to sell to the company, 'You will come. You're gonna set up the plant in Turkey. 51'de will be a domestic product 'will say. In parallel with this, we hope to start the production of our High Speed ​​Train, Bunu he said.


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