Statements from Ebru Özdemir about the third airport

📩 25/11/2018 20:56

Statements from Ebru Özdemir about the third airport: The financing package of the 3rd Airport is completed by September. Limak Holding Board Member Ebru Özdemir said, "Singaporeans knocked on our door to give money, we did not want to."

Stating that the 3rd Airport to be built in Istanbul is a prestigious project worldwide, Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Limak Holding, stated that they do not have any difficulties in financing.

Stating that they will complete the financing package of the project in August or September, Özdemir underlined that many foreign groups want to work in the construction of the airport, whose name is not yet known.

Ebru Özdemir, Member of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, who carries out the financing works of the project, said, “The 3rd Airport is a very efficient and promising project. A Singaporean investment giant has insisted on participating in the financing of the project. They came to our door but we refused because of our Malaysian partners, ”he said.

The project is an investment in Turkey in late emphasizing the Özdemir stressed that when this is completed Sabiha Gokcen also multiplies the value will remain in the city.

Özdemir said that the master plan of the 3rd Airport project was completed and they found the process fast.

Özdemir said, “One year is a fast time when details such as terminal and highways connections, subway and high-speed trains are taken into account with the EIA and zoning reports. The state also supported us a lot in this process. "The master plan of such a project in Europe would not be finished before two years."

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