High-speed train dumping in Pendik

High-speed train dumping to housing in Pendik: The most important pillar of Istanbul Istanbul High Speed ​​Line is the increase in house prices in Pendik.

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will be opened with a ceremony in July 5 announced. Following the announcement, the eyes of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line in Istanbul were translated into Pendik. Since the announcement of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the recent increase in Pendik, where house prices are on the rise, was also quite rapid.

According to the Hurriyetemlak.com Property Index; The annual rate of increase in house prices in Pendik has reached 26. The price per square meter of housing sales in the district where the 1.909 liras found, the period of depreciation 15 year.

The rents flew

When we look at the change in housing prices in Pendik, it is seen that the increase in rental prices is especially noticeable. Since the last year, the price of square meters of rented housing in the district has increased by exactly 51 percent. As of this month, it is possible to reach the rented houses in Pendik by using the square meter 10.

The most expensive neighborhood Yenişehir

When we look at the distribution of housing prices in Pendik, the fastest rise is seen in Yenişehir. One-year housing prices in the neighborhood increased by exactly 67 per square meter 2.417 liraya output. While the average square meter in Kaynarca stands as 2.087 lira, it was determined as 2.000 lira in Kurtköy.

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