You can not pass the smell from the historical Abdal Bridge

You can not pass through the historical Abdal Bridge: The historical Abdal Bridge, located on the Bursa-Mudanya road, has recently surrendered to the stench from the Nilüfer Creek. The historical bridge connecting BUSKI and Hürriyet Quarter is used extensively, especially by those who want to go to work in the morning and evening. The bridge, which is preferred by the employees of BUSKI as well as those who go to the novices, has been having a hard time for those who have passed over it recently.
Citizens using the bridge are experiencing great difficulties due to the heavy smells coming from the stream. Garbage dumps and moss deposits just under the bridge spread unbearable odors to the environment. Citizens want the bottom of the bridge and its surroundings to be cleaned of stink. Stating that he uses the bridge every morning on his way to work, İsa İzbay said, “It is bad until you cross the bridge. I have to cover my nose with the smell. This place must be cleaned. " said. Merve Dayıoğlu, on the other hand, drew attention to the moss layer and pollution surrounding the bridge and expressed that the smell was caused by these.
The bridge over Nilüfer Creek was built in 1669 by the merchant Abdal Çelebi from Bursa. Built of cut stone, the bridge is one of the most important civil architectural works of the period.

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